Members of LOST IN PLACE, 9 South and STARMAN: The BOWIE TRIBUTE combine their talents to bring you a night of music by THE CARPENTERS. Come see this ensemble of seasoned musicians perform all their hits that defined the 1970s so well.

Sure, there are other Carpenters Tribute bands out there that are good at what they do, but CLOSET CARPENTERS takes pride in the rock 'n roll flavor, dynamics, and ***ENERGY*** we bring to their classic hits. TAKE A LISTEN TO OUR PROMO VIDEO. If you grew up listening to the CARPENTERS in the 1970s, we think you'll appreciate our band over all the others. In addition to all the hits, you will also hear many of the deep cuts. 90+ minutes of music (and at 2 minutes per song, that's a LOT of material!), authentically recreated and arranged true to the originals, with a little extra umph and dynamics brought to the table by 7 musicians from a rock 'n roll mindset.

The music of The Carpenters was well loved by so many back in the 1970s. As that brand of wholesome music went out of style over the years, the legions of Carpenters fans went, well, into the closet.  It was no longer “cool” to shout out love for the Carpenters' music from the rooftops.

Millions of us went into hiding!

But we’re all grown up now. It’s ok……it’s time to come out of the dark and CELEBRATE the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter! Everyone’s got that one guilty pleasure or two.  But throw that guilt to the wind, emerge from your self-imposed proverbial closet, and celebrate the music of THE CARPENTERS surrounded by others that share your love of the iconic feelgood supergroup that never truly went out of style, merely went underground for a bit.  

So, raise your palm, and repeat after us.........
"My name is  (((INSERT NAME HERE))),  and I’m a Closet Carpenter"!

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Dear Closet Carpenters:  My husband and I attended your concert this week at the Linden Amphitheatre and we enjoyed it so much. We were both Carpenters fans way back and still are. Your voice is so lovely and sweet to listen to (just like Karen’s) and the band sounds exactly like listening to the old Carpenter’s records. I was especially in awe of the harmonies of the vocals. ......Have you ever met Richard Carpenter and/or is he aware of this wonderful thing which you do?
Looking forward to seeing you again whenever you play in the area.
Thank you for a perfect ending of summer vacation.

Teri N.
Rockaway, NJ


6th Annual Holiday Concert

Roxy and Duke's Roadhouse, 745 Bound Brook Road, Dunellen, NJ

Advance ticket link has now expired. Tickets will be available at the door on a first come, first served basis for $25 (cash only) night of show @ venue.

Please join us for a fan favorite, our 6th Annual Carpenters Christmas Concert at home base, Roxy & Duke's!! In addition to all the hits and deep cuts, you will also hear many of the Christmas songs that the Carpenters were known and loved for. Two full hours of music (and at 2 minutes per song, that's a LOT of material!). Authentically recreated and arranged true to the originals, with a little extra umph and dynamics brought to the table by 7 musicians from a rock 'n roll mindset.

Please check out our LIVE performance video. No overdubs, studio tricks, or shortcut cheats!

If you've never been to Roxy & Duke's, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Don't let the name fool you. Far from being a “roadhouse” or run of the mill sports bar, this unique entertainment venue, with a 200-300 person capacity, is an awesome New Jersey destination, hosting cutting edge live music and national acts you won’t see anywhere else in the tri-state area. Known as much for their retro theater décor and ambiance as for their music, the Roadhouse is a must see destination for music lovers everywhere.

Roxy and Duke’s has won numerous awards, including “Best Venue to see Emerging Artists” in both 2015 and 2016, mentioned alongside such prestigious venues as State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ PAC in Newark, and the Grunin Center for the Arts. Roxy’s also won the TSUNAMI AWARD for “having the biggest impact on the New Jersey Music Scene” by NJ ARTS in December of 2017. Roxy's is also known by people all across the state for owner Jim Park’s generosity at Christmas each year, as he hosts an open door dinner at the venue for those homeless or down and out / without family.

Closet Carpenters is grateful to be among one of the few tribute bands to perform at Roxy’s. We hope you will join us in supporting one of the truly genuine and unique venues out there.

Closet Carpenters Christmas at Matheny School

Far Hills, NJ

This is a private event. Closet Carpenters is honored to return to Matheny School to present our Christmas flavored show to the fine folks at the Matheny School in Far Hills, NJ.